Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, & Charlie Day – Horrible Bosses

JASON BATEMAN (The Switch), JASON SUDEIKIS (Hall Pass), and CHARLIE DAY (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) have teamed up to star in the outrageously funny comedy HORRIBLE BOSSES.

Bateman, Sudeikis, and Day play three guys whose bosses – Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey, and Colin Farrell – are making their lives hell-on-earth.

But when they meet an ex-con (Jamie Foxx) in a shady bar one night, it seems their problem bosses could soon be a thing of the past…

BATEMAN, SUDEIKIS, and DAY were in London at the Horrible Bosses press conference this week and talked about their own experience of bad bosses and filming embarrassing scenes.

**HORRIBLE BOSSES is in cinemas across the UK from 22 JULY

HB 03372 Small 300x200 Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, & Charlie Day   Horrible Bosses

Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, & Jason Bateman star as 3 employees who just can't take any more in HORRIBLE BOSSES

MMM: Which were the most embarrassing scenes to shoot?
Bateman: Well, if you act against Kevin Spacey you’re going to embarrass yourself… running a tight second at best.

Sudeikis: Probably sticking all of those things [toiletries] up my butt!

MMM: Was that in the original script?
Sudeikis: That was in the original script. They started from there and just worked forward and backward!

MMM: And Charlie?
Day: I had to remove my clothes and stand next to Jennifer Aniston, who looks fantastic, so I was embarrassed about myself.

MMM: Have you had a bad boss? What’s the strangest thing a director has asked you to do in preparation for a part?
Sudeikis: I haven’t had a bad boss really, or if I have I’ve usually lost the job or quit it. But acting-wise, I’ve been pretty fortunate personally.

Bateman: I was strongly encouraged to learn guitar for Juno. There was one scene where I play two lines from some Courtney Love song and I just didn’t see the need for it and I actually passed on the movie because they kept coming with guitar lessons! But we managed to find a compromise and I ended up doing the movie. You should see it.

MMM: Jason, your character in the film gets tricked by his bosss, Kevin Spacey, into drinking before work in the morning. What’s the earliest time in the day you’ve ever had a drink?
Bateman: Um, well does still being up count as early or is that late? If memory serves, there’s probably every hour of the day at some point… anywhere in the world, right? Depending on which time zone I’m in, what’s breakfast in one country is lunchtime in another.

HB 10431 Small 300x200 Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, & Charlie Day   Horrible BossesMMM: With so many comedy geniuses on the set, what was it like filming? And do you have any funny stories to tell?
Sudeikis: Well, here’s the deal about being a comedy genius [sighs], you know you just sort of do what you do and… [Laughs] I don’t know if we have any funny stories. We didn’t break a tonne because we knew the script and we knew where it was going. But some of the late hours and shooting late at night made us a bit slap happy, no pun intended. But that would bring about some laughter fits.

Bateman: Jamie Foxx gave me some challenges. You forget that he started on In Living Colour and he’s incredibly funny, but he also brought a lot of his dramatic acting to this part as well. So, he sort of combined the too, which meant he wasn’t really winking as they say. So, it was pretty sneaky his funny and he got me quite a bit.

MMM: How important are box office sales to you and do you care about what critics say about your performances in films?
Bateman: I would say you care about box office dependent on your profit participation trigger. And critical love is good if it doesn’t make any money ’cause you wanna come out with some sort of a plus.

Day: Well, I think you want the movie to do well. I think it’s a lot more fun… it’s one thing to make it and be proud of it but no one sees it. It’s a lot more rewarding when people are coming out and paying money to see it. So, you care in so far that you’re happy people are seeing your work. As for the critics, it really hurts when they slash you.

Sudeikis: My basketball coach in high school said, ‘Don’t concern yourself with things that you have no control over.’ Those would be two things that I have no control over, so I guess that would apply.

Bateman: Like getting the ball…

Sudeikis: Getting the ball, playing in the game, being on the team! So, I’m following his advice in regard to that stuff.

 Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, & Charlie Day   Horrible Bosses

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