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RACHEL MCADAMS stars as breakfast TV producer Becky Fuller in her latest movie, the hilarious MORNING GLORY. Here, she chats about working again with Diane Keaton, bunking off school to watch daytime TV, and making Mars bar and anchovy omelettes!

***MORNING GLORY is in cinemas from 21st January.


McAdams 300x199 Rachel McAdams   Morning Glory

Rachel McAdams stars as a breakfast TV producer in Morning Glory

MMM: Your performance in the film reminded me of a young Katharine Hepburn. Did you approach it that way, to try and keep that tone and feeling?
: Oh, well thank you that’s very flattering. I don’t know what I was thinking! [Laughs] I really loved the way Aline [Brosh McKenna] wrote this character. I thought she was really hopeful and energetic and there was lots of room for physicality, which is something I love to do. Roger [Michell, director] encouraged that a lot. Yeah, I don’t know that I had anyone in particular in mind. I certainly met a lot of producers… not many women in this world because it is a really taxing job and difficult to have balance in your personal life. But I liked her energy and her gusto.

MMM: What’s it like to make a film about one of the programmes you’ve undoubtedly appeared on to promote the film?
It was very interesting to be on the other side of the fence. I watched a lot of morning television growing up as a kid because I skipped school all the time. I didn’t play hooky to go out and smoke pot or do normal things. I wanted to watch daytime television! So, I’ve had a fair amount of experience with what you see in front of you, but not so much behind the scenes.

So, it was fun to go on these shows and see the anchors with their fluffy slippers on underneath the chair, with all their accoutrements right beside them, just off camera. And then from the point of view of the control room – I mean, it’s completely crazy, very dramatic, fast paced, technical, yelling. I had a hard time following it when we first got there. It’s so fast and a story is over before you’ve even acknowledged it. I have a lot of respect for what happens back there and how much energy and vitality you have to have to make it through the 3am and 10am shift and then do it all over again the next day.

MMM: You mentioned you were a fan of morning television as a girl, so can you tell us your favourite news programme or newscaster at the moment?
: Nowadays, I really like to listen to the radio. I find it a really nice way to start the morning, so I’m not that up on television anymore. I think I wore it out when I was younger! I overdosed on it. But I really like CBC. I still live in Canada, so I listen to CBC radio every morning – Jian Ghomeshi and Matt Galloway. So, that’s my short answer.

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This is the second time McAdams has worked with Diane Keaton

MMM: The TV show you’re producer of in Morning Glory is called Daybreak and you’ve appeared on ITV’s breakfast show Daybreak while you’ve been in the UK. What was that like?
[Laughs] Patrick [Wilson] won an omelette competition that I wasn’t aware we were having and then proceeded to eat his omelette! He made a really nice fluffy omelette and I made an anchovy and Mars bar omelette, which I think will catch on.

MMM: And how did you feel about working with such a comedy legend as Diane Keaton?
Well, I’ve been quite fortunate because this is the second time I’ve gotten to work with Diane. It was a very strange shift because I played her daughter in a movie a few years ago [The Family Stone] and then to play her boss, who she doesn’t like… I went from being her baby in that movie, where she was so lovely and we were on the same team against Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, and then suddenly she’s like throwing jokes in my face and making fun of me and calling me ‘gidget’. I was like: ‘This isn’t fair?!’

But it was great to get those two very different experiences with her because she can do so much. I love being around her as an actress and as a person. She’s one of those people who comes to work in 9-inch high heels. She’s just a fabulous person, even at 6am!

By Jan Gilbert

 Rachel McAdams   Morning Glory

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